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strange Alien/creature grabs boy - caught on camers phone!

On 20th of March, 2005 to the 2:00 A.M. three young people were playing with a ball in a Park outside, in the city of Mérida, Yucatan. David Sword and a friend who wishes to remain anonymous played with the ball while Jose Alonso Herrera amused itself recording them with his cellular SONY K500i which has an integrated videocamera.

The boys were joking as they kicked the ball around. The ball was kicked out of view and one of the boys went to get the ball when the creature appears and tries to grab hime!

The creature grabbing David - click for larger image

Jose Herrera - who took the video

The boys were well illuminated by several lights. In a while determined David Sword it lost the ball which went closest rolling towards a post. David walked towards the post to gather the ball and Jose Herrera who continued videograbando at any moment applied to a zoom lens 2X to the camera following David. When David arrived at the post to gather the ball suddenly a strange creature appeared behind the post extending one long extremity or arm took hold to David byhis right arm trying to haul it. The creature was bald and of skin yellowish white color, of foreign appearance type. The contact with David was very fleeting since David reacted immediately jumping and shouting visibly made an impression to the time that the being dissuaded his arm and disappeared. "Espérate... Something touched to me there! Something touched me!

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so play in IE or download.

Click here to download this video as a .avi (936kb)

The video recorded by Jose Herrera is clear within the limitations of being a cellular telephone. The images present/display an entity type or unknown being which appears suddenly behind a post and extending what it seems to be a long arm or extremity taking hold to David of the arm. David reacts freeing itself and then the being dissuades his arm and disappears of the scene. All this in a matter of seconds. The audio one of the video is good and describes the dramatic moment of the contact. There is one second appearance of the unknown being when Jose Herrera focuses the camera towards the post and applies to a zoom lens 4X. He clicks in the image to zoom and the being again shows its head for three seconds beofre it disappears.

The full article can be found here:


Frame form the AREA51 alien interview

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