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Hilary Porter - Alien Abductions - The marconi alien intrusions

alien intruders at marconi - by hilary porter

I used to work as an engineer for Marconi Space and Defence, Frimley, Surrey in the mid 70’s, and I wish to recount a chilling and thought provoking, story, which begins one early April morning.

It was like any normal morning as I cycled to work, but at the point when I approached the factory gates I was aware of something contrary to the usual early morning atmosphere. An aura of expectancy seemed to hang heavily in the air. The security guards were not on duty as usual and I noticed there was a large, black MoD car parked in the Personnel Department car park, which is, in its-self, more than a little odd. Usually, when the MoD is visiting everything is spruced up and they tended not to arrive this early in the morning.
It all added up to an urgent situation.

As I made my way to the office during the early morning, I found that I was required to pay a visit to the engineers in the laboratories. This team were situated in the original Victorian House, where the complex started, and which we had named the ‘Old Haunted House’. There were often unusual goings-on in there, (shall we say), and I was not the only one who gave voice to such an observation. But on this occasion there was something very different afoot.
A chain had been put across the stairs with a sign stating … “STRICTLY NO ADMITTANCE BEYOND THIS POINT”… which I found more than a little intriguing!
I asked my colleagues if they knew what was going on, but they didn’t seem to know what was happening either.

Throughout that morning I found hierarchy military people huddled together, here and there, throughout the complex talking in deep whispers. By mid-morning I received a call from Security, to say that work from an outside contractor had arrived and would I pick it up. As I drew close to the Security hut I found the door open, and heard voices that sounded as though their owner’s were rather worried and strained. Not one of them, apparently, was going to do any more night-shift duty after what had happened to their colleague during the night! No amount of money, (I heard them exclaim), indeed nothing, would get them working another night-shift!
I felt shaken, but was interested to hear more. Obviously something extremely serious had happened during the night here and I wanted to know what it was.
As I passed through more of the Marconi site on route, the more I discovered the whole place sewn up with absurdly intense security measures.
After knocking on the open door I was received by extremely worried looking men. Clutching my project I entered the building. As way of experiment, I walked through this part of the complex in a different direction to the route I usually took, just to be nosey and see what was at the other side of these newly-placed “Strictly NO ADMITTANCE” signs. This would take me upstairs into another engineering section. All was quiet with no engineers in sight.
Bizarrely the place was empty! As no-one was around I took a quick look down a particular corridor and found myself in the same kind of situation that existed downstairs with cordon, chain and sign.

'marconi secret documents'

But now it all began to come together and it made some semblance of sense.
Within this area was the storage facility for all of Marconi’s Top Secret documents! Passes had to be obtained at all times to get in here, and were issued only to certain people. All the heads of the Company, including the Managing Director had offices in this, the upper storey of the building; the well-decorated and furnished rooms of the Old House. The corridor that I now stood in led to them.

Realisation, like a flood, suddenly swept over me. Something mega-important had taken place here, and recently. Rumours regarding numerous unaccountable deaths and disappearances of top-ranking Marconi boffins suddenly came to mind and I panicked.

[In later years, these rumours turned out to be very accurate and factual indeed, as practically every tabloid and broadsheet newspaper carried the stories of suicides and untimely deaths of Marconi scientists down the years.]

And with this thought in mind, very quickly I left the scene.
Looking back, there were some pretty absurd rumours being passed around by the professionals as to what had happened during the early hours of the morning, in the Old House. But we now know just how powerful DISINFORMATION is when employed as a tool. But a more than interesting story came by whisper and quickly spread around the establishment.
A Security Guard, apparently, was doing his rounds late in that night, armed, and with his German shepherd dog came upon a strange blue light within the Top Secret Area. Upon investigating this glass-walled office, he unlocked the door and walked inside the room to find a grey coloured alien, wearing headgear out of which a blue light emanated.
Allegedly, this being was rifling through all the Top Secret Documents.
The shock was too much apparently for the Security Guard and what he encountered blew his mind.He was then taken to a special MoD psychiatric Hospital and never seen again!

Nearly two months had gone by and we were into spring.
Because it was a beautiful day I had chosen a good book to take along with me to work with intention of reading it during lunch break; I thought it just might help me relax as the atmosphere at my work was still rather intense. I sat down on a bench in the gardens, which were now in full bloom and at their best, tucked into my lunch and was about to enjoy my book when the peace was suddenly shattered by the shrill ringing of a telephone in the building behind me.
The day was exceptionally warm and the windows of the Director’s office were fully opened.
And then the ringing stopped and the person answering said “hello”.
What I heard next will be imprinted, indelibly, upon my mind forever.
The Director said, “ ******(persons name not identified), if these beings can come and go in an establishment like this, with all of the security we have, what the hell can we do?”
“The short of it is that we are totally powerless to do anything, they can get in anywhere, any facility up and down the country!”
That was it, the icing on the cake. I suddenly felt I shouldn’t be there so I swiftly got up and found another area in which to read.